Monday, January 30, 2012

How much is French related to English language?

English came from a lot of French and German didn't it?

How come it sounds nothing like it?

like French has that nasal "throat" sound whatever it is, but English people don't.. So how did people who started making English get rid of that sound??

I noticed when I use an online translator from French to English, the translation is like 85% perfect with almost no English errors. I thought maybe that had a lot to do with English being similar to French.. if you did the same with Japanese and English translation, it would be a total mess.How much is French related to English language?
English and French are Indo-European languages, but from different branches. French is derived from Latin and English is in the Germanic group. English borrowed a lot of words from French after the Norman Conquest (1066), and borrowed other words directly from Latin, especially in the fields of religion and science.

Japanese is structured completely differently than English. You can't do a word-for-word translation. In the olden days when VCRs roamed the earth it was always worth a good laugh to read the instruction manual, which was written by a Japanese engineer in English.

(Do you know that Hello Kitty means "kitty who says hello" or "hello-saying kitty"?)How much is French related to English language?
While English has borrowed some French terms and words, French is a Romance or Latin based language. English is a Germanic language. French has more in common with other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, or Portugese.How much is French related to English language?
It think it's about 40%

This is a pie chart that shows the break down of english....鈥?/a>
To answer your question, one must give a 30 hour lecture on civilization, language origins, European battles and wars, fusion of culture, etc etc.

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