Monday, January 23, 2012

Free english to french translator?

i was just wondering if their was a site i could go to where it could translate my text for me from english to french plz give me the link thxFree english to french translator?

I have to warn you though, that online translators pretty much suck.Free english to french translator?
Well, there are plenty out there, that's for sure. The one that I use from time to time is BabelFish:

You should know, however, that online translators produce many mistakes as they interpret things quite literally as opposed to nuance. Just a User Beware...your prof might give you a paper back full of red marks...

***Edit: In response to Kasper's remark...yes, we will help you out with your translation, but most people will only edit what you have already written in French. Just another heads up! :)

Bonne chance!Free english to french translator?
Trust me.. don't use those things.. they're the most unreliable sources out there.. I have experience... believe me.. bad... bad translators.. inaccurate and evil..

anyways i made my point :P

just post your question on yahoo and we'll help you out :P

if you insist on using the dirty-rotten-no good-translator:

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