Monday, January 30, 2012

English to french translators on messengers?

For those who have to use chats for business across language barriers Language translators will be of great help you type you message in englsh and you send it and is received in french and vice versa. it is worth developing please. SOME OF US NEED IT URGENTLYEnglish to french translators on messengers?
The difficulty with automatic translation is that language is an intuitive process and that artificial intelligence is not yet up to par for it.

A computer is unable to deduce by the context whether, for example, the word "like" should be translated to "aime" or to "comme".

As long as AI are not equal to human translation, you will not see an automated translator which can work effectively.English to french translators on messengers?
I can translate anything from English to French.

Is there anything you need translating?

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