Thursday, January 26, 2012

Translator to translate french docs to english?

got some frog documents need it translating into english. using a scanner what is the best way of doing itTranslator to translate french docs to english?
Mariana is right. Computer translation is terrible. Only use it if you just want the gist of something.

If you want to do the automatic translation, you need OCR software that is capable of scanning French texts like . Then you can go to . It'd be better to put them up as web pages to do this.Translator to translate french docs to english?
I don't know where you are or what those documents are about, but I work with societary law and I know for a fact that some kind of documents, such as power of attorneys, bylaws, shareholders' meetings and other documents need to be translated by a sworn translator to be valid for tribunals, notaries, ministries. In this case, you can send the sworn translator the scanned version of said documents, but you'll have to hand in the original ones as well so they can be stamped and signed by the translator.

If those documents don't need to be legally valid where you are or if you have no legal purpose for them (i.e., translation of a literary text), you can basically contact anyone fluent in French and send them the scanned version. I think it works just fine.Translator to translate french docs to english?
I would use googles transalater.

You go on to google and you see on the right hand side of the box there are a list of three things at the bottom there is a thing called language tools click on that and you get googles transalater.

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