Monday, January 30, 2012

French-English Translation question?

I'm doing a French to English translation of a text and I can't seem to see clear in one of the questions.

Could anyone who has done translation as a subject help me out with this and give some exemples:

"Explain your strategy for translating the passage, paying particular attention to problems of register, syntax and style which the translator would need to address"French-English Translation question?
In translation, the first thing you need to do is get an understanding of the meaning of a text. Then you write down a rough draft of what it means. Then you work on making that draft clearer. Then you go back to the original and look at things like register, syntax, and style and see if your translation has the same register, syntax, and style. It probably won't. So you'll need to work on it more until you get as close as you can.French-English Translation question?
go to a translating .com ull get somthingFrench-English Translation question?
Well when you are translating from Spanish to English sometimes the words are switched during translation. Maybe that is what it means by explaining your strategy

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