Thursday, January 26, 2012

English --> French (no translator websites plz)?

How would I say this:

a) I remember how I would think it was unfair for me to like my teddy bear more than my other stuffed animals.

b) Today, if people want something, they will do anything to get it. In the movie, the balloon was popped because the children would rather no one have it than the boy have it.

c) I think that if people the same age as the boy were to watch this movie, they would be attracted to the balloon as well, and would overall like the movie.

p.s: don't run this over a translator; it's not correct

thanxxEnglish --%26gt; French (no translator websites plz)?
Here's "B". I'm pretty sure it's all good, although I am a student myself (5 years of french + two trips to france). Hope it helps.

Aujourd'hui, si les gens voudraient quelque chose, ils ils feront n'importe quoi pour l'obtenir. Dans le film, le balloon etait creve parce que les enfants ne veulent plut么t personne ayez-le que le gar莽on l'a.English --%26gt; French (no translator websites plz)?
As a native French speaker, I thought I would help you on this.So there we go:

a/ Je me souviens que je pensais qu'il etait injuste de ma part de pr茅f茅rer mon ours en peluche a mes autres animaux en peluche.

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English --%26gt; French (no translator websites plz)?
b/ Aujourd'hui, lorsque les gens veulent quelque chose, ils font tout pour l'obtenir. Dans le film, le ballon a 茅t茅 perc茅 parce que les enfants pr茅f茅raient que personne ne l'ait, plutot que le gar莽on l'ait.

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c/ Je pense que si des gens du meme age que le gar莽on regardaient le film, ils seraient aussi attir茅s par le ballon et aimeraient le film dans son entier.

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