Thursday, January 26, 2012

French phrase translation help please?

Hi. Can somebody please tell me how to say "I strive for improvement and perfection" in FRENCH? I have to write a job application for French-English translator and thought it would be funny to cheese it up a bit.

Please help!French phrase translation help please?
Je m'efforce 脿 atteindre l'am茅loriation et la perfection. (I strive to achieve improvement and perfection)

Je m'efforce 脿 am茅liorer et 脿 parfaire. (I strive to improve and perfect, although it almost seems like you would want an object after this)French phrase translation help please?
芦Je m'efforce d'am茅liorer et de parfaire mon fran莽ais.禄

This could be a tricky sentence if you were translating it literally.

Here are two free websites to help you improve your French:

http://www.french.about.comFrench phrase translation help please?
Je m'efforce d'am茅lioration et de la perfection

here is a fun translator at the bottom
mon but avou茅 est toujours essayer de m'am茅liorer tout en recherchant la perfection
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