Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy French Question help please?


So i am in 5th grade and i am doing this tittle page for French.

But i can't figure something out!

My teacher said write En Francais

On this tittle page

But i checked out a Translator


And i entered the word French and the results said

Le fran莽ais

On another site it said


And on another it said

En Francais!

Which one is the right one to write on my tittle page??


Most thorough and informative Answer


Easy French Question help please?
En Francais is correct. It is the correct tense. It means in French.
"En Fran莽ais" is "In French" (for something you would write directly in French), or "Into French" (for something you would translate from English into French), but by itself, it really doesn't mean anything.

"Fran莽ais" is simply "French", adjective, noun, anything... and in particular the subject/name of the class/whatever.

"Le Fran莽ais", would either be "The French" (as a person), or "French" (as a language), but definitely not as a subject.

I think you now have all the info you need to choose, but if your teacher said "En Fran莽ais", you shouldn't try to be a smartass and double-guess her. The best thing to do would be to go talk to her about it, maybe showing the first part of this reply...Easy French Question help please?

"en Francais" means "in French" a"Le Francais" just means French as in the subject.

So it all depends on what you would like to write. Your title could either be the subject, or it could mean that what you've written is written in French.
On a title page, it should say "Le Francais", with the accent circumflex underneath the "c". It is more proper than saying "En Francais", which could literally translate to "in" French.Easy French Question help please?
Don't worry about what everything else says, just do what your teacher wants you to do, she's the one who's gonna be grading you. If that's the way she says it is just do it that way.
All three are correct depending on the situation.

Je parle fran莽ais.

Tu apprends le fran莽ais.

En France, il faut communiquer en fran莽ais.

What are you trying to say? =]
It's Le Francais. That is the noun form of french. Your french teacher has no idea. En Francais means literally 'in french' en being the perfect of in.

Le fran莽ais

its what i write for thge title of my work in french
they are both correct but "en francais" is the way your teacher told you to wirte it so i would listen to him/her
its le francais.

hey i am french learner to rite En francais
le francais i take french soo. hah, its le frabcais dont forget the circonflex under the c !

Le= The

En=...idk srry...

i saw ur other question and i read the answers so this is what i read... it means in french

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