Thursday, January 26, 2012

English to French translator?

How do you say "this taste like penis" in French haha??English to French translator?
脟a a un go没t de p茅nis.

Mac translator is not reliable that got two things mixed up, the verb like and like as a preposition.
You can use the babylon for this purpose. It's the best translator in my opinion: to French translator?
literrally it has nonsense. (莽a un go没t de p茅nis)

but you can say "莽a a un go没t de pisse/merde/chiotte" or "c'est de la pisse de chat" (it's gnat's piss).
That's just gross!

You realize there are minors on this site, right?

You can be reported for this sort of question.English to French translator?
ce go没t aiment le p茅nis

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