Thursday, January 26, 2012

French Translator - Help Find?

Well school starts in two weeks and I'm going to be living there. Yet once there, I will not have internet on my laptop, and I do much of my homework on it. I am going into French III, but well, to be blunt, I'm horrible at it. I am learning it, slowly, but I was wondering if there was a translator that I could download that would translate from English - French and French - English. It would also have to be able to work offline, and possibly do more than single words (like whole phrases, sentences, etc.).

I don't need something that will teach me phrases or stuff like that, just a translator. And if you can find one that would require payment, just post the link to that.


French Translator - Help Find?

.....has a free translator! I had such a hard time with French 3 %26amp; 4 when I was in college. This helped in a huge way.

Oh you know this is the best answer! LOL!French Translator - Help Find?

Babylon is the best!

You'll have to pay for it, but it does really well. One of the things I like, is you can right click on a word and the definitions pop up in the other language! When you order, make sure you actually DOWNLOAD the dictionaries you need! There should be several for French.

Have a great year!鈥?/a>

Edit: No, you can download Babylon and use it on your machine IF you download the dictionaries!French Translator - Help Find?
french for dummies :)

What your asking for is something to do your homework for you.

number 1. those automated translators are useless. yes, they can translate simple words and phrases, but think about it- its a computer. only a native french speaker would be able to translate things perfectly for you. you teachers will know if you use it, trust me.

number 2. what will happen in the middle of your exam? they won't let you run to your computer for a sec. You'll not have a clue whats going on, so save yourself the embarrasment and forget it.

French is a beautiful language, and you make it out to be a very difficult language, which it's not. tell your teacher your having trouble and if they are any good theyll sit down and help you. heck, ill even help you if you don't understand it.

Just don't get someone/thing to do your homework fo you. Youll will get caught on.
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