Monday, January 23, 2012

Free English to French Translator?

My french teacher told us not to use one because it wont make sense work..??

do u know one that works and makes sense?Free English to French Translator?
No, there are no translators that will make sense because no translator takes into account grammar. Some try but fail even at basic grammar. Just do your homework and do it yourself.
No, I don't.

Why don't you trust your teacher?Free English to French Translator?
google translator :);sl=en鈥?/a>
go to: . . . it really works i use it ALL the timeFree English to French Translator?
I don't think any of them are 100% accurate. But whenever I need help with French, I go here:

It seems to work very well and my French penpal suggested it to me :)
Many translators are a waste of time.

However there is one website that I would recommend:

It's basically an online dictionary but it'll show you the correct conjugations of any verb and also works as a thesaurus.

It is helping me very very much with A-level French atm!
Online translators can work a little to translate one word at a time (used as a dictionary), or maybe basic sentences (and even in that case they can make mistakes!), but when it comes to translating whole sentences or paragraphs, don't rely on them! they're just rubbish in that case! Most of the time they don't take into account the different meanings of a word according to the context!
You don't understand the concept. The reason it doesn't make sense is because of grammar and sentence structure. It is virtually impossible for a translator to overcome this.


I am going crazy

I am going to Boston Pizza

The verb going is the same in English but clearly has two different meanings in the two sentences. There is no way for the translator to tell which meaning you are intending to use.

A good way around this problem is to first translate to French, then translate back to English. If it still makes sense and has the same meaning, it is a legitimate translation.

Just be careful. If you are just starting out learning French, using a translator may cause the translation to use tenses of verbs that you have not learned yet which would make it obvious that you used a translator
The best one I know is but it has been known to make mistakes.

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