Monday, January 23, 2012

HELP!!! english to french translator!!!?

i need these words trasnlated to french

1. eraser

2. mobile

2. ruler

3. pencil

4. black pen

5. blue pen

6. pencil case

7. glue

8. text book

9. lunch box

10. wallet

please make sure you put the une or un depending on if it is masculine or feminine and make sure you write it in english next to the french so i know what is what. THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE JUST SAVED MY *** FOR FRENCH!!!HELP!!! english to french translator!!!?
- une gomme

- un portable (if you're talking about a mobile phone)

- une latte OR une r猫gle

- un crayon

- un stylo noir

- un stylo bleu

- une trousse

- la colle

- un manuel

- une bo卯te 脿 tartines (it's not really used in school as you have school lunch)

- un porte-monnaieHELP!!! english to french translator!!!?
now you're wasting *my* time!

go to and use the translator tab if no one else tells you, and i hope they don't cuz you're just being a lazy phoque right now.HELP!!! english to french translator!!!?




stylo noir

stylo 脿 encre bleue



livre de texte

Bo卯te 脿 lunch

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