Friday, January 20, 2012

You need a translator French/ English/ Chinese?

Hi! I'm a french girl in Guangzhou (Canton), chinese city near of Hong-Kong. If you want to come to Guangzhou or around and that you need a translator, you can contact me at this adress:

You have to know that here the most part of chinese don't speak english.

See you soon.You need a translator French/ English/ Chinese?
well, i don't need a translator. but i need a friend. visitor to GZ often.You need a translator French/ English/ Chinese?
I can see that your grammars are VERY good. I'm sure I can find another one.You need a translator French/ English/ Chinese?
You're French? Comment allez-vous? What's your response, to that, in Chinese?

I do not need a translator because:

1) I'm Chinese.,

2) My girlfriend lives in Guangzhou.

BTW. If you were in Guangzhou, you'd know that Hong Kong is nowhere near Guangzhou! Even if you don't know, you'd see it in a map that it doesn't. They are connected by something called "The Pearl RIver delta".

Of course most of the CHINESE people don't speak English, but they are trying to learn? Ever heard of something called a school? Just like saying "The people in Paris don't speak English, they speak French" most of the time anyway, duh?!

Thank you for the offer anyways.
Many french have difficulties in finding a translator in Guangzhou, i take note of your offer.

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