Friday, January 20, 2012

What the best online translator for english to french?

I've been using google language tools to translate english to french but the translations aren't very accurate. Does anyone know a really good (free) online site I can go to? Possibly a site that can translate french slang words too.What the best online translator for english to french?
This is a good one I always use it:
There are multiple sites that do this kind of thing, but in reality, they all use technology provided by two or three companies.

All of them do a terrible job for complex sentences, or phrases using colloquial expressions. It is likely to remain that way for a long time.What the best online translator for english to french?

Select the language your using and the one you want it to translate to.

You can get it to say the word or translate.

Im not sure about the slang because I take spanish but its worth a try.
Err I'd say none of them. Maybe, this site.

All of the translators never give a correct translation for they lack correct grammar and give literal translations.What the best online translator for english to french?…

it even tells you how to pronounce it if you click on the horn.

ive only used it for spanish but im sure it works well for french too.

you can even listen to the audio to hear the pronunciation :)
this one is very good even for idioms or complex sentences…
Altavista's Babelfish site is pretty good. It translates somewhat literally, but it's free and you'll get your point across.
I use IM translator its good quality and you can even hear it speak so you can see how to pronounce it
Yahoo answers is the only reliable site you can use. (Word reference isn't too shabby either)
None of them is the best. All are the worst.

Considering the way they work they can't give you a real accurate translation, most of the time just an idea you need to rephrase correctly.
Google Translator

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