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Is google translator good for translating english to french?

I know French but very little, and I need to translate some things to French..Is google translator good for translating english to french?
Google translator isn't a very accurate translator. Don't even think about it to translate a text.

It can be helpful for isolated words, uncomplicated phrases or to get a general meaning of a text you really can't understand by yourself, but if you use it to translate something like a text you have absolutely no means to verify, and then give it to read to someone fluent in French, be prepared that they might find it kind of weird.

I know what I'm talking about : I've seen earlier on Yahoo Answers a text translated from English to French using Google translator and I had a good laugh, being myself French. I didn't even get the meaning of a few phrases which were translated, and as I said before, I'm French, this is the language I've used every day for the past 19 years we're talking about.

I'll give you an example. I entered this random sentence in the translator : "I could translate this for you, but then I wouldn't be helping you at all" and I got "Je pourrais traduire cela pour vous, mais je ne serais pas vous aider 脿 tous les". The first part is mostly correct, except that Google always translates "you" by "vous" (polite or plural "you") when I could actually mean "tu" (singular, informal "you").

But the 2nd part is a mess.

The whole sentence in correct French would be : "Je pourrais te traduire ceci, mais du coup je ne t'aiderais pas du tout"

See the difference ? (even without speaking French)

If you want an online translator, at least try this one, it gives more information and you have better chances to get a correct translation in my opinion (mostly for single words and for phrases) :鈥?/a>

(and by the way, it's "le chien a mang茅 un chat" ^^ )
It's OK I guess, but sometimes the Grammar or even the way the translation is at best a bit weird and at worse totally wrong! But it's the best I've seen so far concerning translation softwares. So I guess it is not so bad. However I wish they would improve a bit the translation softwares as I would like to use one for translating foreign languages such as Chinese, or German.

I forgot to say another reason why it sucks a bit: it translate literally at times!Is google translator good for translating english to french?
While it is possible to translate any language with google translator, the major problem with that is that you have to take into consideration some French words are not in the English language as with some English words are not in the French language. So there may be translation errors and its not 100% perfect. But with most forms of Latin it's usually better with then something like Chinese.
oui , beqoup i try alot and worked i do french to english and it work great translate this and see if it gives you : le chien a manger un chat.

TRANSLATE:the dog ate a cat.

the translation should be: le chien a manger un chatIs google translator good for translating english to french?
Yup it is the best translator i think.It has issues with auto detecting the language though.but if you selected the language it will work fine.Just don't be lazy to learn French thinking you have the google translator though
To tell you the truth, no it does not. I have translated french to an actual french girl and she said some words were wrong. Same go for other languages. I wish I could tell you a good translator.
Google translator usually translates well but usually the grammar is a little screwy.
Yes, I just tried it. It just so happens to work very well.
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