Friday, January 20, 2012

I would like to become a bilingual French / English interpretor / translator?

I am fluent in both languages.

where can I start looking?

would do they require?

Do i need to go to school for both languages eventhou i am fluent in both?I would like to become a bilingual French / English interpretor / translator?
There are so many people asking this question over and over and over and over and over and ...well you get the picture.

So you want to make some extra cash doing translation.

Someone wants to hire a translator. How does he know he's hiring the real deal and not just some guy cutting and pasting in babelfish? (Like so many "people" out there)

Now the client obviously doesn't understand the language that's why he's hiring YOU.

That's where your references are important. I say again. References are IMPORTANT. If you have satisfied customers, you can tap them over and over and over again.

If you can, meet your clients personally and have tea at least once after successful completion of a project.

But you're a total newb. How do you even start collecting references? That's why you go to school. Your first reference could be your teacher. If the institute is famous (like Alliance Francaise for example) you get a better reference. Just make sure you're a real boy scout.

Do your homework, impress the heck out of your teachers. Bake them cookies and promise them your firstborn or something.

If you work in a company that requires you to function in a dual language environment, you can tap that.

You can tap your boss, your colleagues, clients whatever. (Just be careful).

If you have some experience in some speciality field, you can bring that into play. Especially if the prospective client is also in that field. (But please be careful about conflict of interest ...or you could be looking at some serious litigation)

I've got a few more suggestion. Mail me if you want.
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